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We have two main classification of clans consistent of Governments and small factions. The main three world powers are the governments of Guardia Kingdom, The Al-Bhed Empire, and the Shin-Ra Electrical Power Company. The smaller clans are the Mystics (who serve as a rebel faction against Guardia), The Returners (who serve as a rebel faction against the Empire), AVALANCHE (who serve as a rebel faction against Shin-Ra), and the Treasure Hunters Consortium (an unaligned, non-RP clan for adverturers and treasure hunters). Below is the information for the three goverments. Additional information on the other clans will be added soon.

Clan Name: Guardia Kingdom
Alignment: Lawful Good
Gov. Type: Hereditary Monarchy
Divisions: Civilian, Scholar, Talon, Red Wing, Monarchy
Advantage: Largest Airship Fleet in World, Emphasis on Magic

(==) is a Medieval style Kingdom and region from Chrono Trigger. Much of the Kingdom as it existed in the game originally persists here, while it has been expanded to encompass many other areas, most notable the Kingdom of Baron from Final Fantasy 4. In fact, Baron serves as a near equal seat of power as Guardia within the overall Kingdom. Guardia itself serves as the legislative and social capital of the Kingdom, while Baron is the military capital and supplies the greater Kingdom with the mighty fleet of airships known as the Red Wings. The Kingdom of Guardia as it exists today on the game combines a detailed history with both Kingdoms. Crono and Marle ended up serving as leaders of Guardia, eventually passing the throne on to their son King Guardia XXXV. Cecil served as King after the defeat of Golbez, eventually warring with and then accepting the Fiend of Fire Rubicant as an ally. After Cecil's death and Rubicant's disappearance, Baron fell into turmoil and Rubicant's daughter was whisked away to Guardia, where she climbed through the military ranks and was eventually adopted by the Guardian royal family as heir. Years later, she returned to Baron to reclaim the throne held by Cecil and guarded by her father Rubicant, officially merging the Kingdoms together for the glory of her adopted father King Guardia XXXV. The Kingdom of Guardia places honor and service to others above all other virtues. To this end, Guardia is one of the few places who openly extends its borders to the races and beasts that many others shun, thanks to the truce that Cecil and Rubicant made that ended their war. The Phoenix, the ultimate symbol of rebirth, has a sacred place among the citizens of Guardia.

Clan Name: The Al-Bhed Empire
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Gov. Type: Self-Preservationist Republic
Divisions: Civilian, Prefecture, Legion, Royalty
Advantage: Technological Innovations, esp. Machi-Tek Armor

<)TheEmpire(> is derived from primarily The Empire from Final Fantasy 6, but differs from the original in many ways. The history of Empire basically being destroyed after Kefka betrayed Gestahl remains, but after Kefka was defeated and peace came back to the world, Imperial loyalists in the tradition of the honorable General Leo came together to eventually rebuild the Empire. One of the most important of these was the Emperor Jay. Under his reign, the Empire became a very tolerant and open government, swearing off the use of magicite and anything else harmful to Espers. Perhaps one of the most important things Jay did was open the Empire's borders to the recently homeless Al Bhed. The Al Bhed were a group of technologically advanced people from Final Fantasy X. History remains that their Home was destroyed, but diverges from the game in that they remained homeless and mostly shunned by the rest of the world. They found refuge in the Imperial cities. Over the years, they became a very integral and vital part of the Empire. It wasn't until Jay's daughter Rasha marries an Al-Bhed named Meuh and they passed into the line of succession for leadership that the Al-Bhed lineage took power and the two cultures were officially merged into the Al Bhed Empire. With the influence of the Al Bhed, The Empire has abandoned using Espers and other such real sources of magic, but instead places a heavy emphasis on Machina technology. In this tradition, any previously existing MagiTek armor has been converted into Machi-Tek Armor, and all development toward weapons of that nature are now completely Machina. In the years since Jay's retirement, however, the last for power and territory has taken root. While still content to focus on technology over magic, the Empire seems to have its eye on using that technology to oppress and conquer.

Clan Name: Shin-Ra
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Gov. Type: Capitalist Dictatorship
Divisions: Corporate Branch, R&D Department, Shinra Peacekeeping Corps, SOLDIER, Bureau of Administrative Research
Advantage: Recruitment Power, balance of technology and magic

[==Shin-Ra==] is an Electrical Power Company/Government from Final Fantasy 7. There isn't too much of a difference from the Shin-Ra of FF7 to the Shin-Ra here. They are still greedy and evil. The history of Shin-Ra is the biggest difference. The total destruction of Midgar at the end of FF7 never happened, and the current Shin-Ra is about a century past the events in FF7. At some point early in the past century, Shin-Ra was invaded by Baron and Midgar suffered immense damage. Midgar has only fully recovered from the attack in the last 6 years, and thus has about the same technological level as from the game. While not quite as magical or technological as the other Governments, with the use of Mako energy and the sophisticated level of technology Shin-Ra possesses, they have an equal balance of strength in both areas. Shin-Ra also has the best recruitment power of any of the other two governments as Midgar is the most trafficked city in the world and as a company Shin-Ra hires so many workers.

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